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22 JanVisit record of Rolex factory—- the most mysterious area of the superior clock

8Final assembly of automatic disc

The production of the watch movement of the Rolex is different with the other watch brands. Before sending the watch movement to the headquarters , the movement of the watch of the Bill movement factory will be firstly sent to the COSC observatory to certify. The watch movement will be numbered , and finally installed on the automatic disc. This is the Rolex watch factory, which is really differ from the other watch.

At the past, the Rolex watch was criticized that the automated equipment usage is more than the use of human resource. However, after this interviews, this kind of criticism is not so real right. As matter of fact this kind of rumor can be broken in the reality. The assembly process of the Rolex watches mostly is not different with the other. As matter of fact, the parts of the knock off rolex are assembled by the watchmakers which the other watch factory will do the same kind of matter. But the most difference is that the Rolex is stricter than the others in each step of the watch assembly. For example the movement shell should be test by the waterproof before the installation, and the movement should also be tested by three testing procedures which are developed by the rolex replica itself including the sealing and the precision, as well as the accuracy test after the installment; and then the automatic waterproof test : deepening, the pressure of 25% then the drying; and at last is the condensation test by a bottom cover heating to 60 degrees , which the all process is confirmed by the camera.

The accuracy test after the movement installment

The accuracy test after the movement installment is very necessary which is Rolex’s own developed test. After the movement is installed into the wrist watch, the process of the watch accuracy is confirmed by the camera. Turning three rounds which should be a 24-hours round, and next, the accuracy of the watch is confirmed by the photography. Then the needle is turned to 27 minutes, and keeping stop for 6 hours. After the above tests, to test the 48-hours accuracy of the watch is also very necessary.

16 DecRolex Replica Watches Buying Guide

15Which country is rolex from? Let me tell you here, the rolex is from the beautiful country Switzerland, and it is a classic brand of the Swiss watch industry. The first flag of Rolex watches is a open finger palm, it says the brand’s watch was crafted by hand completely, which later evolved into the crown of a registered trademark to show its supremacy in the field of watches, showing its position among all the Swiss branded watches. Today we are also to bring a few rolex swiss replica ladies watches to appreciate with you all here, and if want to know more, just don’t go away.

ROLEX Oyster Perpetual 168623-78753 Yellow Mechanical Lady Watch

The lady automatic mechanical watch of the Rolex Perpetual series has the capable and experienced features of the men watches, but it is more releasing the elegant temperament in this watch. Stainless steel gold watch case is connected with the watch strap, which is elegant and noble and more can reveal status; the unique scale on the gold dial lets a person has the feeling of the new ideas and fresh.

ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Oyster Perpetual 179173-63133 Yellow Mechanical Lady Watch
The finest champagne color, the watch did not drunk but a person did. The attractive color and the joker design, no matter you are to attend any occasion it can rein. The wrist charm is beginning from it, automatic mechanical watch movement, let the wrist watch do not fear the test of time, and the time is on your wrist all the time. Choose it, add taste for your life.

ROLEX Oyster rolex datejust replica 179173 White Mechanical Lady Watch
Made with stainless steel material + 18 k gold, 3 o ‘clock calendar display window on the silver dial – the whole watch shows nobility, date, three needles and other display functions, which adds practicability for this Rolex watch. The golden watch bezel is around the whole watch, which is elegant and not tacky.

07 DecHow Can the Swiss Replica Watches Waterproof?

13The diving watches adding waterproof capital crown through the sealing watch case structure from up to down to achieve most of the waterproof effect, but only at the watch crown because of the calibration needs cannot be completely sealed, which makes it a potential place for water entering into the watch, so strengthening the waterproof ability of the watch crown is the necessary measures of the diving watches, for it, each watch brand has its own way to deal with it, such as the IWC Aquatimer series was setting the Waterproof washer up to triple times inside the watch crown, even you inadvertently open the watch crown in the water, it also can effectively isolate the moisture; Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterCompresso series made the watch crown with 22 pieces of parts, whose features is the watch brand patent – Compression screw device containing four sealing washers, and for the upper washer when the watch crown rotate for  180″, it will press closely the washes in the below when under the pressure push, and use the space sealing to compress and block moisture. However, the Rolex Submariner series is using the screw-plug triple crown collocation waterproof gasket design to make its waterproof performance easily reach the grade of 300 meters.

While panerai replica watches uk has its classic watch crown protector device, using the principle of the protector bridge blocking rod forming leverage, tightly lock the watch crown when the pull rod is fixed, so as to make it cannot rotate even if even meeting collision; and once release the lever, the watch crown can be opened moderately to adjust time.

One of the famous features of the Panerai watch crown protector bridge is its patented watch side protective device – watch Crown protector bridge, except the very distinctive wrist watch brand personality, this protector bridge adds points for the waterproof of the fake watches uk.

27 NovBreitling Bentley B04 GMT Wristwatches

Breitling SuperOceanIn 2013, to celebrate the Breitling for Bentley series walk through 10 years of glorious journey, especially launched the new Bentley B04 GMT watches, carry with the mechanical movement which 100% developed by fake breitling uk and bring the best sincerity for this cooperation relationship.

Breitling for Bentley Series has several obvious characteristic styles: The Inspiration of watch bezel lines from the classic water tank shield case grain for Bentley Finished Automobile. Dense dial layouts with large 49 mm diameter watch case. First, we can see the dial plate of Bentley B04 GMT also modeled with water tank shield case grain can see the movement machine board and gem; as for carrying the B04 automatic chain machine, have the authenticated by COSC. The oscillation frequency reached 28800 times per hour and provides 42 hours of dynamic storage. Have the functions of chronograph and date, the wearer can appreciate the self-motion cochain plate through the transparent watch back. In operation, people just need pull-out the crown to forward and backward rotation. And can be the main clockwise in hours, adjust to the local time and the date will adjust synchronously.

This fake breitling watches uk stainless steel watches has two different dial plates, black and white. The Bentley B04 GMT expects retain the watch bezel of Bentley Series, the dial plat also show with water tank shield case grain and equipped with practical double time zooms. It’s favored by world traveler and business travelers.


03 DecHow is the Rolex Submariner? Appreciate the “Green Water Ghost”

Rolex is one of the most famous watches brands in the world, it is deeply loved by a large number of the watches fans because of its solemn, practicality and not flashy style. Among which the green water ghost is one of the big classic watch of Rolex Submariner, just enjoy the charm of this amazing Rolex watch here, you will feel it a great fun!

How is the Rolex Submariner Green Water Ghost? Strong waterproof!

Special watch case is made by the 904 l stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance. Table mirror is made by the sapphire crystal glass with scraping resistance, which can increase the compressive ability to ensure the normal operations of the wrist watch in underwater environment. And its crown adopts screw to tighten the bottom cover, to securely tighten and screw the watch case so as to prevent the water into the watch. Plus its waterproof depth of 300 meters, the Rolex Submariner Green Water Ghost is enough to handle any challenge, and just wear it to enjoy the cool water.

replica rolex submariner

replica rolex submariner

How is the Rolex Submariner Green Water Ghost? Accurate walking time!

Rolex green water ghost is carrying with exclusive 3135 automatic mechanical movement, and matched with the Paraflex damping device. This kind of design does not need to change the battery can have the energy to work, not only provides the most reliable guarantee for accurate walking time, but also makes the wearer more at ease. Look at the watch strap of the green water ghost, which is matched with folding clasp 904 l stainless steel strap that can prevent the strap pulling up and tripping, at the same time, this design also facilitate the wearer to adjust the strap length to make you feel comfortable and enjoyable while wearing this Rolex watch on your wrist.

20 NovBuying Cartier Replica Watches

The first senior clock industry event in Asia – “watch and wonder” exhibition was launched on September 25 to 28, 2013 at Hong Kong convention and exhibition center. The famous jewelry watches brand Cartier also was involved, and presented many new watches there and you can just take your consideration on the cartier tank replica for high cost-performance Cartier watches.

“Watch and wonder” exhibition had gathered more than 10 senior watch brands, including Cartier, and with the Superior technology and outstanding achievements at the clock and watch making technology, Cartier watches had become one of the focuses of the exhibition that attracted the most attention.

cartier tank replica

In that exhibition, Cartier had displayed classical timing watches works, senior master jewelry wrist watches, advanced watches, Master craft series as well as the new men’s watch series. These timing boutique with unique style had highlighted the Cartier long rich history of watch making, unparalleled watch made technology and innovation concept of making watches.

Each series of Cartier watches shows its achievement and insistence on watch making technology and art with ingenious design: senior jewelry watches series with selective precious gems embodies the Cartier “imperial jeweler, the emperor of jeweler” status. Master craft series presents a unique creativity with rare traditional arts and crafts, while Fine Watch making series shows the master impressive creative skills with wonderful artical excelling nature with sophisticated mechanical structure.

In addition to the latest watch series, Cartier also shared the watch making history of more than 100 years and the brand unique style legend in the exhibition, discovered the source of inspiration for design aesthetics and advanced watch making technology with guests. Just as its name suggests – “watch and wonder,” Cartier was to unravel the mystery of the time, explore the essence of time in this deep representative Clock and watch industry event.

26 JunRecommendations of Best iPad Mini Cases

iPad Mini Cases

iPad Mini Cases

Although IPad Mini sells like hot cakes, it still gets the same issue with iPhone 5, which painting peel off. So in order to reduce other and push, damage accidents around the iPad Mini cover, a protective effect of detailed iPad Mini protective sleeve is very necessary. In this paper we propose is such a great solution, not just to guard the role of an extensive, look is also very modern, but also design the support function, a few products and services also support the magnetron rest, can fully meet the needs of consumers. For the long run begin with an iPad Mini individual, should get on-demand.

IPad Mini since outlined, with lightweight 7.95 inch human body balance, strong hardware configuration are accepted by people, but its cost is low priced, so as a way to more comprehensive care of love, an appropriate group of necessary security. Recently, Shenzhen love Bo electronic is designed for leather services and products, resources used advanced, fashionable appearance, but the value just 68 RMB, friend who wants this one must not miss.

Ipad Mini formally stated in China, and again detonated accessories industry. While the particular digital accessories leading brand Mo Fan can be the first time coverage of a protective sleeve products and services, called the Mo Fan For iPad Mini holster. The sleeve is utilizing the finest leather to produce two files, with folding service function and smart awakens dormant function, practical for everyday use.

Mr.ROCK series iPad Mini inner side of the holster is using high-density fibre content, soft shockproof, also offers anti-skid use characteristics, might be more extensive defense of iPad Mini display and fuselage.

Mo Fan For iPad Mini holster uses advanced leather content, the internal layer is made of high-density superfine fiber material, and the streamline form look, not just elegant and easy, but in addition the complete protection of cell phone from being scratched, entertainment business would work. Mo Fan holster for i-pad Mini uses protect folding design, which includes the support function, may execute the two booth angle change, to offer users with the appropriate video viewing or game operation angle, the liberation of the user’s fingers, the operation is more laborsaving. Mo Fan For iPad Mini holster in line with the true shape style, not only the perfect match for Apple iPad Mini fuselage, while all recommendations, camera program, pockets are reserved detail, daily use does not affect an individual operation.

Love Bo iPad Mini defensive sleeve with the same support function, equipped with multiple screens, can achieve different level of support, while the visual angle, the freedom of the user’s hands, the utilization is more energy. Moreover, the Love Bo i-pad Mini defensive sleeve can also be supplied with as many as 9 forms of colors, more satisfied customers individualized needs.

That report advise top ipad mini cases, advanced components, fine craftsmanship, which represents a superb safety position o-n iPad Mini that encountered in everyday use the random collision, damage, fall, allowing users to use more relaxed. Eliminate pillow seismic security power, the four defensive sleeves also has the features. When the segment is used, the film typing easier, moreover, Mo Fan and ROCK’s two products and services also support wise rest function, can effortlessly extend the equipment life, but also enhance the user experience. Therefore the current iPad Mini start to customers, in this report the four suggested defensive sleeve can be your best option.

01 AprCheap Food Steamer

Food Steamer

Food Steamer

Food machine, also called a steam cooker, is really a popular kitchen appliance that’s been trusted in cooking food. A food machine, generally, consists of two split components. One of these brilliant areas is used for keeping boiling water while the other part is used to hold the meals.
Generally, a food machine can be used in steaming veggies and/or rice. But, a food steamer may also be used to water beef, fish, chicken, dumplings, and much more. With a food steamer, you’ll realize that meat, when cooked this way remains tasty and tender. Actually, there are different food cleaners which were designed to allow cooking in excess of one food product at a time.

Cooking of food within the food steamer can be done because of the procedure convection, which is really a principle of heat transfer by movement of fluids known.

But in utilizing a food cleaner, you should, first, make certain that none of the food you’re preparing is immersed in water. Numerous is that most of the food machines available today already have a user’s manual, wherein there is an instruction concerning how much water will undoubtedly be required for steaming your food. Also, with respect to the level of food to be prepared, hot should just take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. In other words, you will have to make sure as it could eliminate most, if not all, of the vitamins in your food that your food will not be overcooked. To get this done, you are able to check your vegetables inside your food steamer then and every now by until the desired softness has been reached by them sticking a fork in them. But be careful of since they may also burn your skin layer escaping steam. It is also advisable to use distilled water with your food steamer; usually, water deposits may build as part of your water reservoir.

The best thing of a food machine is that it manages to help keep the vitamins of the food being prepared and keep their color and crispiness. Food tools are nothing like other cooking techniques, such as for instance frying or baking or cooking, where the majority of the nutrients on our food are dropped in the cooking process. It is due to this that a food cleaner is frequently found in health-oriented diets. Moreover, steamed food is healthier because no gas has been used to cook it, which, by the way, also reduces the total amount of nutrient you will be consuming. Irrespective of all that, a food steamer can also keep your kitchen cooler because less heat is released by it in to your kitchen. And moreover, food steamers are cheap.

Additionally, you can find different types of food steamers available on the market—from basic food steamers made from bamboo to top-of-the-line electronic steamers detailed with devices. Food cleaners also vary in proportions. When you’re looking to purchase a food steamer, you will already have lots of options to choose from.

Here are some other related articles about the home kitchen products:

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