07 DecHow Can the Swiss Replica Watches Waterproof?

13The diving watches adding waterproof capital crown through the sealing watch case structure from up to down to achieve most of the waterproof effect, but only at the watch crown because of the calibration needs cannot be completely sealed, which makes it a potential place for water entering into the watch, so strengthening the waterproof ability of the watch crown is the necessary measures of the diving watches, for it, each watch brand has its own way to deal with it, such as the IWC Aquatimer series was setting the Waterproof washer up to triple times inside the watch crown, even you inadvertently open the watch crown in the water, it also can effectively isolate the moisture; Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterCompresso series made the watch crown with 22 pieces of parts, whose features is the watch brand patent – Compression screw device containing four sealing washers, and for the upper washer when the watch crown rotate for  180″, it will press closely the washes in the below when under the pressure push, and use the space sealing to compress and block moisture. However, the Rolex Submariner series is using the screw-plug triple crown collocation waterproof gasket design to make its waterproof performance easily reach the grade of 300 meters.

While panerai replica watches uk has its classic watch crown protector device, using the principle of the protector bridge blocking rod forming leverage, tightly lock the watch crown when the pull rod is fixed, so as to make it cannot rotate even if even meeting collision; and once release the lever, the watch crown can be opened moderately to adjust time.

One of the famous features of the Panerai watch crown protector bridge is its patented watch side protective device – watch Crown protector bridge, except the very distinctive wrist watch brand personality, this protector bridge adds points for the waterproof of the fake watches uk.

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